EdF 100% connected

All 58 of Electricité de France’s (EdF’s) nuclear power reactors are currently connected to the grid at the same time – for the first time in six years. 2010 production, at 408 TWh, was 5% up on the previous year. “EdF continues to strive to improve its nuclear fleet in order to meet the electrical needs of its clients at all times, and particularly during periods of high consumption when electricity is most vital. As a result, this year EdF is capable of producing 4200 MWe more on average in December and January than in 2009,” the company said in a press release. EdF has not enjoyed having all of its reactors simultaneously online since December 2004. However, the company warns that the only way to make such performance sustainable will be to continue modernisation work, which will require an annual investment of around €3.5 billion ($4.5 billion).


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