IAEA sees more nuclear energy newcomers despite Fukushima

Four more countries could start building their first nuclear energy reactors in the next five years, a senior U.N. atomic energy official said on Thursday.

Over the last two years, the United Arab Emirates and Belarus became the first countries in around two decades to start constructing their first reactors, Anne Starz of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said.

Referring to plans by Bangladesh, Jordan, Turkey and Poland, she told Reuters: “I think that there is probably another four countries that could have their first reactors under construction in the next five years.”

IAEA Deputy Director General Alexander Bychkov told an annual IAEA workshop on nuclear infrastructure development last week that Bangladesh, Jordan, Poland and Turkey were “making good progress on the path to nuclear power”, but he gave no timetable.

The IAEA – whose mission is to promote “safe, secure and peaceful nuclear technologies” – in 2013 cut its long-term outlook for nuclear energy growth for a third year in a row, in part because of hesitancy following Fukushima.

The industry could, however, still nearly double its capacity by 2030 due to expansion in Asia, it said.

Just over 30 countries are interested in introducing nuclear energy, Starz said.

(Source: REUTERS)

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