New York approves clean energy standard

ENSStatement by European Nuclear Society

The European Nuclear Society welcomes the policy measure, The Clean Energy Standard (CES), adopted earlier this month by the State of New York. The CES will enable utilities that operate nuclear power plants, wind farms and solar parks to earn zero-emission credits for producing electricity. The broader CES requires all the state’s energy suppliers to generate at least 50% of their power from renewables by 2030.

‘This approach will make New York a true leader in terms of support for low carbon energy sources to fight climate change’ said Roger Schene, ENS President. ‘The unbiased inclusion of all low-carbon energy sources will have positive economic and environmental impacts and should be an example to follow’, he added.

The growing climate urgency and the need to reduce carbon-emissions from power sources prompted ENS to join the Nuclear for Climate initiative. Nuclear for climate (N4C) is a grassroots initiative, which brings together scientists and professionals of the global nuclear community, and also citizens who believe that we have to act now in order to fight climate change. All low-carbon energy sources including nuclear power are needed now to address the challenge of climate change. Nuclear energy currently provides 27% of Europe’s electricity and 50% of its low-carbon electricity.

For further information, please read the WNN article

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