No fire and no injuries at the Fessenheim power station, the incident is now closed

Press release by EDF (05.09.2012)

The incident which took place today at 3pm is now closed.

The nine employees who were in the room when the incident happened have been examined by medical services and showed no signs of any injury.

Firemen are currently carrying out final checking on site.

On 5th September 2012 at 3pm, some oxygenated water was spilt in the nuclear area of the plant causing steam to be released, which led to EDF’s emergency services and firemen being called to the scene.

Staff were evacuated from the building affected by the event.

Oxygenated water is used during the course of common operating procedures.

The Fessenheim Nuclear plant is located in the Haut Rhin département, 25km from MULHOUSE.

It comprises two 900-megawatt production units.

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