Nuclear energy is one of the energy sources that has contributed most to Spain’s electric system

In 2013, Spanish nuclear reactors produced 19.8% of electricity; that is, 56,743 GWh. With an installed power of 7,864 MW, which amounts to 7.3% of the country’s total installed power, they produce one fifth of the electricity that we consume in Spain.

Nuclear energy has reached high levels of operation. The availability indicator of Spanish reactors is 88.45% and the operation factor is 89.40%, which indicates that nuclear energy is a safe and reliable source of electricity production.

Nuclear energy production in Spain amounts to 34.10% of electricity with no contaminating emissions in Spain. Nuclear energy helps mitigate the effects of climate change, being the biggest low-carbon source for intensive power production in our electric system.

The president of the Spanish Nuclear Forum, Antonio Cornadó, considers that “nuclear energy relevantly helps towards reaching the goal of guaranteed supply thanks to the reliability of fuel supply at prices that are not only competitive but also foreseeable in the long term. The Spanish nuclear industry at large has contributed to the excellent operation of Spanish sites, while at the same time increasing its international activity with presence in over 40 countries”.

The long-term operation of the Spanish nuclear park represents an essential strategy for the fulfillment of the three basic directives that the European Union promotes: safety and quality of supply, competitiveness and environmental sustainability.

Throughout the world, 435 reactors are in operation in 31 countries, producing around 14% of the world’s electricity, and 71 are currently in construction. After Fukushima, there has been no decrease in the world’s nuclear production nor in nuclear construction (before Fukushima, in 2011, there were 436 reactors in operation and 62 reactors under construction).

ACCESS to the report NUCLEAR RESULTS AND PERSPECTIVES. A YEAR OF NUCLEAR ENERGY. Charts, graphics and an executive summary are available (Spanish version).

(Source: Press note by Foro Nuclear)

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