5 luglio, webinar promosso dall’ENS sulle nuove realizzazioni del settore nucleare in Finlandia


Di seguito la presentazione del webinar

Finland is committed to its climate goals and is one of the few European countries with two ongoing nuclear new-build projects:
TVO’s Olkiluoto 3 NPP Plant Manager Heikki Lukkari will tell updates of the project, including, main milestones, challenges and lessons learned from the first European EPR project. Olkiluoto 3 is scheduled to be online September 2019.
Fennovoima CEO, Toni Hemminki will present the latest development of the new Finnish new-build project Hanhikivi-1, where the Russian VVER 1200MW is going to be constructed in a greenfield site in Pyhäjoki Northern Finland.
Join the ENS webinar and learn all about Finnish new-build projects!

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