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The Italian Nuclear Young Generation is back on its feet and the team is growing fast!
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Claudia Gasparrini is a nuclear scientist: born in Italy but she lived abroad for many years to work in the nuclear sector, she is now back in Italy

“Marie Curie said: “Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood”. I think this quote is very representative of today Italy’s situation.
Nuclear is a reliable, safe and clean technology and it should be taken into account in our big challenge: climate change.”

Fabio Nouchy: born in Valle D’Aosta and currently living in Belgium, nuclear engineer aiming at helping industries that should reduce emissions and are looking at nuclear technologies for solutions.

“We are facing the biggest challenge humanity had ever had to deal with: make our stay on this planet sustainable.
No technology that can help on that should be left out.”


Valerio Terranova: Energy Engineering student; scientific curiosity has always been his motivation, leading him to a strong passion for energy technologies.

“I think the beauty of science is that what really matters is facts – not opinions. And facts, namely numbers, clearly show that nuclear is the best available technology to face our modern world challenges.”

Davide Chersola: Mechanical engineer, currently working in the Direzione Tecnica e Ambiente of the Autorità di Sistema Portuale Del Mar Ligure Occidentale in Genova. He has been a researcher on innovative reactors symbiotic cycles to close the fuel cycle, and he got his PhD in mechanical engineering, nuclear plants, with a thesis on Monte Carlo neutronic codes applied to the study of VVER and GFR fuel cycle.
”Engineering is the world service to solve problems: energy is at the core of engineering and nuclear power is at the core of energy!”

Francesca Carobene: nuclear engineer from Milan, Francesca is now working in Belgium on IV generation reactors designs and nuclear medicine.

“The perfect energy source? There’s no such thing today, we just need to work on the right energy mix in an hybrid system that can minimise carbon emissions.
To quote Rita Levi Montalcini, famous italian scientist: “In life one should never give in, surrender oneself to mediocrity, but rather move out of that grey area where everything is habit and passive resignation. One has to grow the courage to rebel.”

Valerio Mascolino: born in Catania and relocated in the USA, Valerio is a neutronic expert and he develops software and analysis methods for nuclear fission systems.
“A fundamental aspect of nuclear energy is its social acceptance. Facts and scientific proof must always compromise with people’s opinion and public perception. Because of this, nuclear researchers and professionals main responsibility is to inform the next generation of citizens and guide them through the scientific and social wonders of this energy source.”

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