Webinar UniPi: Radioisotope power systems for exploratory space missions

Quinto appuntamento con gli webinars organizzati dal corso magistrale di ingegneria nucleare dell’Università di Pisa all’interno del Progetto ENEN++

La prossima sessione con JRC Karlsruhe. Il prossimo Venerdì 17 Marzo 2023 alle 15:00 ora italiana con collegamento MSTeams a questo link. Daniel Freis terrà un intervento dal titolo Radioisotope power systems for exploratory space missions.


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Daniel Freis is a Nuclear Engineer and works since 2013 as a Scientiffic Officer at the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) in Karlsruhe, where he coordinates the group for Synthesis and Characterisations within the Nuclear Materials Research unit.
Before joining JRC Karlsruhe, Daniel was working at Westinghouse Electric Germany GmbH on safety assessment of nuclear power plants and severe accident mitigation systems. He obtained his PhD degree in Nuclear Engineering from RWTH Aachen University in collaboration with JRC on severe accident behaviour of high-temperature reactor fuel.
Daniel’s research is mainly focussed on safety assessment and safety testing of nuclear fuels, with an emphasis on Generation IV metal cooled and high temperature reactors, and he is responsible for JRC’s activities on Radioisotope Power Systems for space applications based on Am-241 and Pu-238.

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