Webinar UniPi: Supporting career paths in the nuclear fields

Ripartono gli webinars organizzati dal corso magistrale di ingegneria nucleare dell’Università di Pisa! Con un’importante novità: questi appuntamenti rientrano ora ufficialmente nella cornice del Progetto ENEN++

Il primo appuntamento proprio con ENEN il prossimo Venerdì 10 Febbraio 2023 alle 15:00 ora italiana con collegamento MSTeams a questo link. Gabriel Pavel e Roberta Cirillo terranno un intervento dal titolo Supporting career paths in the nuclear fields.



Ecco la locandina:

Qualcosa sui relatori:

Gabriel Pavel is currently working as Executive Director for the European Nuclear Education Network (ENEN) and also as an assistant professor at University „Politehnica” of Bucharest department of Nuclear Engineering. He finished Faculty of Power Engineering in 2004, Nuclear Power Plants and followed by a Master degree in nuclear engineering. He started working at the University in the same year and also did his PhD in the same period. During 18 years of activity he followed several specialization courses in Research Centers and Universities from Austria, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Romania, South Korea and Slovakia. He is board member of AREN, Romanian Association for promotion of Nuclear Energy. He is involved in various projects funded by the European Commission and Cohesion funds dedicated to Human Resources and communication in the nuclear field. Since 2018 he is responsible in designing and managing E&T projects ad developing the ENEN’s strategy institutions from mainly Europe but with strong connections with international organizations all over the world. He is directly involved in designing, implementing and managing actions aimed at improving nuclear competences and attracting new persons to the nuclear field in eight different projects currently under implementation. He is also managing an organization with more than 80 members from mainly Europe but also with different organizations from all over the world.

Roberta Cirillo has a bachelor in Physics from the University of L’Aquila (Italy) and a double Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering from the Polytechnical University of Catalonia (Spain) and the Polytechnical University of Grenoble (France) with a specialization in material science. She complemented her education with Energy Management and Innovation & Business Creation courses at the Management School of Grenoble. She had a multifaceted career path in which science was always the common thread and required her to live in several European countries. Starting with climate modeling data analysis for the Finnish Meteorological Institute, going on with several years of research in the field of cryogenics in CEA-Grenoble at the beginning, and later at CERN in Geneva. In parallel to her research work, she has always been actively involved in outreach activities, science communication and networking events. In 2019 she definitely shifted her career goals from Research and Technology towards the International Relations sector, focusing on education communication and outreach. Today, Roberta Cirillo works as Project Manager and Communication Officer at ENEN, which stands for European Nuclear Education Network and is the largest network in Europe for Education and Training having its headquarter in Brussels, Belgium. She is responsible for all ENEN Communication channels, manages several EU-funded projects leading the Dissemination and Communication working package and acts coordinator for the TOURR project.


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