Webinar UniPi: The silver bullet syndrome: action and inaction on low carbon energy

Quarto appuntamento con gli webinars organizzati dal corso magistrale di ingegneria nucleare dell’Università di Pisa all’interno del Progetto ENEN++

La prossima sessione con McMaster University. Il prossimo Venerdì 10 Marzo 2023 alle 15:00 ora italiana con collegamento MSTeams a questo link. David Novog terrà un intervento dal titolo The silver bullet syndrome: action and inaction on low carbon energy.


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Qualcosa sul relatore:

Dr. David Novog is an expert in safety analysis methods and uncertainty quantification. He holds an Industrial Research Chair in Nuclear Safety and has been a professor at McMaster since 2006.

From 1998-2005 he worked at Ontario Hydro, OPG, Nuclear Safety Solutions and AMEC in the areas of reactor physics, thermal hydraulics and reactor trip assessment. Prior to these positions he was a visiting researcher at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in Japan on their APWR project.

His current research is focused on experimental and analytic issues related to fuel integrity, severe accident modelling, and emergency planning. He has large projects underway on improved maintenance instrumentation and applied radiation imaging.

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